The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Chapter II


"This must be your lucky day, prisoner," says the guard as he escorts Endar up the old brick stairs to the warden's office. As the guard sits Endar down in the wooden chair in front of a desk, an imperial man in legion uniform walks in... this must be the warden. A tall man in a dark green hooded robe walks in behind him, but Endar cannot see this man's face.  Worried and a little scared, Endar looks behind the man into the prison yard and sees a Khajiit man shackled to a brick wall, blood seeping out of his head from his ears, which have been cut off. He has the most fearful expression on his face that Endar has ever seen. The robed man notices Endar staring outside and quickly closes the door.

The warden sits in a padded chair opposite the desk of Endar and the tall man stands behind him. He chuckles and looks toward Endar, "Ahh, Endar Telvanni, heir of the great House Telvanni in Morrowind. Until you met me, that is. If you desire your freedom, you will become the Legion's little errand boy for a short period of time."  "This is complete nonsense. I did nothing wrong, what in Oblivion am I even in here for," argues Endar. The hooded man slams his fist down onto the desk. Endar catches a glimpse of his hand, which is scarred, cracked, red, and his fingernails are long and stained with blood. The warden puts up his hand to dismiss the tall man from his anger and the man pulls his hand back. 

"You shall not speek, I am the one asking the questions. Are you fit to slay... beasts," asks the warden while cocking an eyebrow, betraying to Endar that he is hiding something.  "Maybe I am."  "Then you will travel to Skingrad and slay some of these blood thirsty inhuman beasts," the warden orders as he knocks on his desk three times, causing the door leading out into the Imperial City to open. Endar stands and turns to leave as he is given a set of light iron armor and a short steel sword. Endar inspects the equipment, almost disgusted at the massively inferior set of armor relative to his old Madness armor.  Endar turns toward the warden as to protest as the tall hooded man, as if he knows what Endar is thinking, leans forward over the desk. Endar can only see the man's teeth, which are sharp, jagged, and also stained with blood, his lips are cracked and chapped. "If you fail this or refuse to even do this, you will end up like that THING you saw in the yard. So maybe you should be on your way,"  the man says in an intimitading, raspy, and demonic voice.

Startled, remembering the poor Khajiit, bleeding and dying, Endar quickly walks out the door and towards the huge double doors leading into the grand Imperial City. 

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