The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Chapter IV


Endar dives behind a boulder near the gates of Skingrad as three Imperial Legion officers gallop by on horses. He hears faint yelling inside the city. "Halt," orders the officer on the light gray horse. Endar tries to hide himself as much as possible.  The officer jumps off his horse and walks toward the boulder Endar is hiding behind.  Minutes go by as the officer seems to ponder something, he then looks at the boulder and lets out a chuckle.

The city gates open slowly and beyond them are two guards dragging an elven woman in shackles towards the officer outside.  Endar sets his eyes on this woman's smooth dark blue skin and beaming red eyes. Why does this dark elf seem so familiar to me? Could she be the one from my dream I had in Skingrad?   "Let me go, imperial dogs," she yells as she elbows one of the guards in the nose. The guard reacts by slapping her in the face and knocking her down to her knees, "stupid dunmer, you're all trouble."  After Endar witnesses this violence against her, he tightens his fist and stands up quickly. The officer, not surprised that Endar was there, lets out a laugh, "Well look here men, he took the bait. Take him!"  

Endar quickly moves his eyes around and counts five guards and the officer, this will be a challenge at best. One of the men lunges at Endar and another drops the elven woman and draws his sword. Endar sidesteps the first guard's lunge and brings his fist up into the man's chest, knocking him to the ground. The second guard's blade is thrust toward Endar and he swiftly kicks up and knocks the blade out of the guard's hand.  The three guards behind the officer start groaning and then their sounds escalate to cries of pain. All three of them disappear into thin air. The officer spins around and glances around in disbelief, draws his large steel claymore from the sheath on his back. Endar takes this quick respite to run over to the woman and help her up, he wraps his arms around her to protect her, "Are you okay?"  "Yes, I am fine, Endar," she replies and Endar gives her a strange look at the woman as he does not know how she knows his name.

He does not have much time to ponder this as he hears a horse neighing but does not see a horse. A strong, cold wind blows by as a jet black horse appears, his rider wearing long pitch black robes and a black hood. The horse rears up and kicks the officer in the face, knocking him down onto the boulder. The officer screams as his back breaks on the hard stone.  "Lucien! Maybe I wasn't dreaming after all," says the officer between heavy breaths. "Quiet yourself, Ormellius. Even dreams must be heeded. You are a fool for not listening to my warning, now you must pay the price," says Lucien, the black robed man on the horse.  "He will not get far, the entire Imperial Legion is out looking for this one boy."  Lucien cackles and draws a black bow and readies an arrow, points it right at Ormellius's head, "You poor fool, this one boy is more important to this world then anyone could imagine. Go, be in peace."  The arrow penetrates the officer's head, killing him instantly.

By the Nine, this just keeps getting more interesting as we go, thinks Endar as he rolls his eyes.  Lucien dismounts and walks toward Endar and the dark elf woman. "Eveen, you must take Endar to the Imperial City. Chancellor Ocato will know what to do to get his name cleared."  "Are you insane Lucien? There are Legion everywhere inside that city," says Eveen to Lucien. "No worries, you are under the protection of the Black Hand. We have agents everywhere," Lucien says then glances around him.  "There is no time, take my steed, Shadowmere, head to the city."  Lucien turns around to walk away but turns back toward Endar, "You must survive all this. I know this is alot to take in, but it must be done. You will have the fate of both realms in your hands by the time all this is finished."

Endar, still taking the whole situation in, comes up with a question for Lucien, "What was the creature I saw in the prison?"  Lucien laughs and replies, "Ahh, the dremora knight, Kathutet. Do not fear him, he dare not start anything in the middle of the Imperial City. Now, go!"  Lucien walks away and disappears into thin air.   Eveen jumps up and mounts Shadowmere, she extends her open hand towards Endar, standing there in deep thought, not sure if he can believe all this.  Is this all just a dream? It seems so real. Oh well, I must go on... If what Lucien told me is true, it will ALL be up to me in the end.

Endar looks up at Eveen and she shoots him a beautiful smile as he takes her hand and jumps up onto Shadowmere. She looks back into his eyes and softly says, "Thank you." 

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