The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Chapter XIX


 Endar can tell by the distance they've put between the pursuing guards and themselves that the Imperials are losing strength.  He glances over his shoulder to see one of them draw a bow while running, and aim it toward Imsin and himself.  Suddenly, lightning strikes the archer in the back, sending him reeling forward, falling to the ground in pain.  A second bolt hits the other guard in the back as well, killing him instantly.  Imsin and Endar stop in their tracks and turn around.

Skye, now with dark hair, a black streak where blood once was, and scars covering her face, turns around a corner to face them.  She has the most sinister look on her face that Endar's ever seen in his life.  This is it.  Skye grins at him as she walks toward them with deliberate steps, her expression growing more evil with every footfall.

"You've killed of my family, you have turned my world upside down with your so-called good deeds and now it's time to pay,"  she says as electricity pulses around both her hands.  She lurches forward, a pair of lightning bolts close the distance between them.  Suddenly the air in front of them shimmers slightly and the bolts dissipate as they impact with the waves.  Endar looks beside him to see Imsin's hand outstretched, palm forward.

Imsin smiles and pulls her bow, "You're not the only one who knows about magicka."

Skye huffs a sigh of impression and throws another pair of bolts at her.  Imsin shouts, TIID-KLO-UL!!  Within the next few moments, Imsin's arms move as fast as light, drawing and releasing two arrows almost instantly.  When Imsin seems to return to normal speed, the arrows fall to the ground after impacting with Skye's bolts, fizzling them out of existence. 

Endar focuses his attention on Skye now, pulls his blade and charges at the conjurer.  "Come at me, Ashlander," she challenges as an ethereal blade is conjured into her hand, the other still coursing with lightning.  Endar drops his shield to the side and grips the steel sword with both hands and swings it over his head at the conjurer, but it's parried with Oblivion's blade and Skye pushes him back, staggering him.

she is so incredibly faster now, deflecting strikes and arrows all at once, the scars on her face begin glowing and the scars leaking trickles of blood.  At the grotesqueness of Skye's face, Endar glances around... Where's Kathutet?  Imsin pauses and glances around as well.  Skye smiles, "He's gone! Daedric blood is so sweet, you know," she pushes Endar away from her, causing him to stagger backwards several feet.

The ground shakes slightly and several guards run at the three of them.  Despite her fearsome look, they pass them and continue into the Temple District nearby.  Suddenly, screams ring out from that very area in the City.

Distracted, Skye buckles over after taking an arrow to the chest.  Suddenly her skin begins glowing and she lifts off the ground, limbs stretched out.  After a blinding flash, she lands and her skin is now darker, her eyes the color of night.  She yanks the arrow out of her chest like it was a thin splinter and burns it with her hand.  The ground shakes again.

"Curses!  What's it going to take to KILL YOU,"  yells Imsin from behind Endar.  The dunmer retreats to beside her, "Don't... Love, I know what you're wishing to do.  Don't let it take over you!"  "It's too late, Endar, I have to this time," she answers as her armor is slowly unbuckled, staring at Skye, who is staring back at her, "Vampires will hate my kind... No matter what.  Killing this one once and for all will bring me great joy," her armor falls to the ground as patches of fur sprout up over her skin.

Endar repeats the protest, but she backhands him, sending him flying over twenty feet away, crashing to the ground... "I'm sorry, Endar."  Her jaw extends as her eyes glow a brilliant green.  After the transformation is complete, she lets out a mighty howl, which vibrates the ground.  Her and Skye charge at each other - spells, claws, and ethereal blades flailing. 

 As the women continue to fight in the middle of the Elven Gardens District, the ground lurches from side to side several times, waking Endar.  The sky above slowly turns an all too familiar blood-red color.  Screams from the next area over resume and grow as several dremora materialize all over the City, pouring out from freshly opened gates to Oblivion.

A shadowy figure rides through the Gardens on a familiar black horse with red eyes.  Shadowmere!  A man in a dark green robe, older by the looks of it, also rides on the back of the Black Hand's steed.  The figure stops briefly in front of Endar, tosses him a second steel sword, and continues into the Temple District.

Dual wielding steel swords, sounds of chaos coming from all around, he rises to a stand and charges at the pair fighting.  Just as he reaches them, a bolt of fire melts against Skye's chest, knocking her down...  Imsin freezes, panting, ready to continue the mauling.  Endar slowly turns around in disbelief to see a newly opened, bigger than normal, gate to Oblivion.  A pair of dremora walk out, followed by several tall, gray-skinned daedra (Xivilai) - with gold circles branded on their chest, these are Mehrunes Dagon's personal honor guard - run out and surround the gate as the swirls of fire inside the gate itself intensify.

In a brilliant flash of explosions and storm, a tall, red-skinned man, sporting four arms, appears out of the gate, holding a massive axe in one of his hands.  "IMSIN! It's Mehrunes Dagon himself! Gods be with us," exclaims Endar and, still panting, Imsin is frozen in place staring at the daedric prince in a human realm.  Dagon is easily at least twenty-five feet tall and has huge horns on his forehead.  The pair of dremora in front of the rest draw arrows in their black-red bows but Dagon nods his head, and they lower them.

The Prince of Destruction slowly walks toward Skye, still on the brick sidewalk, the ground shaking with every step taken.  After coming close to the trio, he finally speaks in a low voice, yet it booms loudly and vibrates everything nearby, "Hm, ignorant mortals."  Imsin, still in beast form, dives at Dagon, her rage driven by hate, sadness, and regret.

Dagon huffs and simply slaps her away with one of his arms, sending her clear across the gardens, crashing into the wall on the far side, "Thank you for proving my point, werewolf."  he seems to look straight through Endar, almost as if he's not even there, and snaps his attention to Skye, "YOU,"  He flinches, "Only someone too powerful to continue living would put thoughts of descent into my servants."  Dagon picks Skye up with one of his powerful hands.  Endar sprints for Imsin, who finally falls to the ground, transforming back to her human form on the way down, as three Xivilai follow him.

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