The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Chapter XV


Endar opens his eyes to find Imsin laying next to him, her arm across his chest.  As if sensing that he has awaken, she also opens her eyes and smiles at him.  A million things race through his mind, and this is the perfect time to relax and finally get some answers, "What is it like?  Serving so many forces?"  Imsin replies, "Hectic most of the while, but I ultimately serve Akatosh... Always have, always will.  Associating myself with Daedric Lords has made my life as chaotic as a holiday in Oblivion, but I do what I do to rid Tamriel of true evil."

Endar nods, then releases another question, "Why me, Imsin?  Why was I thrust into the middle of a war between deities?" Her eyes wonder for a moment then return to meet his gaze, "Your father was a great man. A very old, very powerful man.  He had many allies and even more enemies.  Those enemies threatened the well being of the Isles to see the last Telvanni dead, therefore, Sheogorath was obliged to eject you from his realm, as to not upset the balance."  Endar's frustration builds at the mention of his father. Damn him to Oblivion.  He's been good for nothing but making my life harder.  Imsin sighs and continues, "Believe me, I know it's hard to follow under great footfalls, but you define yourself, you control your own destiny.  I have come to terms with this, and so should you."  She then pushes off the bed, standing up, and picks up her armor.

Endar sits up.  It seems like we are nearing the end of this journey... She nods and says, "Yes we are, Endar." He looks at her set of leather and steel armor, "Where did you receive that set, anyway? It's very beautiful." She sits on the edge of the bed, lacing up her boots and answers, "A long time ago, I was a dedicated hunter.  I was in league with a group of hunters and warriors called The Companions in Skyrim.  My harbinger, or master, Kodlak Whitemane, bestowed this Ancient Nord armor onto me.  I felt that it was my calling to adventure to the ends of Tamriel to rid it of evil."  Endar smiles, realizing he is in love with Imsin - Her experience, her mastery, "A very noble cause, so what happens now?"  He sits up and straps on his set of steel armor.

"Now we hunt... To appease the divines, not just Akatosh this time.  We hunt the conjurer Skye.  I can turn her, but in the end, she is too powerful to let live."  Endar senses she is hiding something of import from him, and this disappoints him.  Imsin looks at the floor, "The truth... Endar... Is that I fear the beast, and it's hunger to destroy all of Skye's kind, within me would push the one I love away.  Vampires are our mortal enemies; always have and always will be.  I fear that if she is left alone much longer, we will not be able to overpower her, so we must hunt very soon."  Endar ponders Imsin being a werewolf for a few minutes as they sit in silence, looking into each others eyes, "I do not care what you are, who you are, or where you're from.  I know that I am in love with you for you, and I will defend you, fighting by your side, until the day we die."  Imsin smiles, "Thank you... For everything.  Now, we must go."  They both grab their weapons and make for the door.


 Kathutet bows his head to a dremora general, "I will not betray the human."  The general scoffs, "And that is what makes you weak, Kynval... Kinsman, I do not know what the human has done to your mind, but you must pay for it."

Kathutet nods and drops to his knees.  The general gestures to his Xivilai guard, "Amkaos; You know what to do."  The grey-skinned daedra pulls an axe off of his back and lifts it above his head, aiming at Kathutet's neck.  The general slowly turns around, facing his back to them, "Any last words Dremora?"

The misty, stale winds of Oblivion blow on Kathutet's face, "Just one thing:  Remember that I went by my own will, and that we all have souls.  We're not soul-less monsters - we serve Dagon because we believed it to be our calling, not who we are."  The general looks over his shoulder at Kathutet as Amkaos swings the axe. 

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