The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Chapter XIII


Endar awakes in the Imperial City Arena, standing in the middle of the arena floor.  A heavy fog covers the risers overhead... Suddenly, he feels a hand touch his shoulder.  Startled, he snaps his head to the right to see a young-adult woman standing next to him, an Imperial, "Hello, Endar.  I am Vaermina," she smiles, "Welcome to my realm, Quagmire."  Endar begins to talk, but no sound emerges, same as his previous dream.  "You need not speak, dear child, only listen."  Endar, frightened, attempts to show stature, stands upright as much as possible and simply listens as instructed.  Vaermina waves her hand at the fog in the risers, which slowly clears, revealing several figures appearing from behind the fog.  She speaks once again, introducing the figures clockwise as the fog dissipates:

First, we have Boethiah, Lord of Deciet.  The fog clears away from Boethiah, who is a man with a tall head and normal body.  A mix of Altmer and Dunmer are preset.  He is twirling a daedric dagger in his hand as he winks at Endar.

Second is the monster, Molag Bal, Lord of Domination.  This lord is a deformed Orc with black skin, has a spiked collar, and wrist bands with long spikes.  He is holding a ball and chain in his hands, swinging it back and forth while staring at Endar.

Third is the Lord of Light, Meridia.  Endar sees this one is different from the others, in that her general aura is very bright, she is smiling, and a halo of light encompasses her.  In her lap sits a long-sword with a sphere in the hilt that glows extremely bright. 

Fourth - Hircine, Lord of the Hunt.  This hunter is dressed in a heavy fur and leather hide and has a daedric bow on his back.  His eyes are red and wolf-like.  He is glowing red, caused by the presence of a blood-red moon in the distance behind him.  He begins to skin an elk at his feet.

Sixth is Sheogorath, Lord of Madness.  This lord is a welcome change from the rest, as he has an extravagant, high-class shirt on - multicolored - red on the right, violet on the left.  He is smiling and laughing every few minutes.  After being introduced, he joyously taps his cane to the riser and waves at Endar. 

Seventh, we have Azura, Lord of Souls.  This woman, her upper half covered by a shadow, has a dark-colored cloth covering the lower half.  Endar cannot make out her face, but he notices her holding a sun-shaped object in her right hand, a moon-shaped object in the left.

Eighth - Nocturnal, Lord of Shadow.  Clearly visible, yet hidden mostly by a shadow at the same time, this woman resembles a Nord.  She has a violet robe on with her sides and legs exposed.  She crosses her arms as two ravens land on her shoulders.

Ninth is the drunk, Sanguine, Lord of Debauchery.  This man is a six-foot tall dremora, not unlike Kathutet, and is holding a mug of mead.  Seemingly oblivious to Endar's presence, Sanguine doesn't betray his stare toward Nocturnal, occasionally looking her up.  His eyes glow with a fiery lust for the Lord of Shadow as he takes another sip of his mead.

 Tenth is the great Hermaeus Mora, Lord of Infinite Knowledge.  This strange man has numerous tenetacles coming out of the entirety of his body, of which are all holding books.  The man frantically yet calmly reads them all at the same time, only stopping to look at Endar, nodding.

 Eleventh, Clavicus Vile, Lord of Wishes and Invocations, along side his companion, Barbas.  This Wood Elf looking man - with small, curved horns - sits forward, placing his hands on his knees, and winks at Endar.  His dog, Barbas, sits quietly next to him.

Twelfth and possibly the most powerful, is Mehrunes Dagon, Lord of Destruction.  This lord is a twelve-foot tall dremora with bright solid-red skin, four arms - one of which carries a gigantic axe - and very long horns on his forehead.  Dagon taps his fingers of his top hands on the risers, impatient, while he spins the axe in his lower left hand. 

Vaermina then looks away from the risers, where three more figures are present: A man in the far corner, arms crossed, shrugs when she says, "That is Malacath, Orcish Lord of Outcasts."  Vaermina then looks up, causing Endar to follower her gaze, which rests on a half-human, half-spider with ten legs, hanging from the roof of the arena, "Namira, Lord of Revulsion."  Namira does nothing but stares at Endar, making him shift about uncomfortably. "Last, and least, is Peryite, Lord of Order.  He cleans up after the rest of us."  Endar turns around to see, behind him, a man with a long head, resembling a dragon's head, holding a broom.  Peryite nods at Endar.

The dunmer cocks an eyebrow and looks into Vaermina's eyes, who says, "I know, you are very confused and would enjoy the knowledge of your purpose here tonight.  This meeting of immortals is to determine the final destination... of your soul!  Let us begin!"  When she says this, all sixteen other lords start talking all at once, Barbas begins barking, and the debate begins. 

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