The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Chapter I

The Arrival

On a lone island in the middle of the Lower Niben, Endar stumbles out of a strange door glowing a magical blue color. He breathes heavily, falls to his knees and slips off his Madness Helm, sets it next to him, "Who are you," he asks as he looks at a man dressed in what looks like light armor.
"I am Gaius, I am guarding that door you just came out of. You were in there... You are one of them.. Nevertheless, are you well?"
"Nay, I am wounded," Endar states as he collapses onto his back and stares up at the blue skies of this place he seems to never been to before. "Where am I?"
"On an island in the Niben, just east of Bravil," answers Gaius.
"What is Bravil? Ahh, no need to answer, I'll find out for myself. Looks like i'm going to get a good swim in today," Endar sarcastically says as he stands, puts his Madness Helm back on and looks to the west. He starts running and takes a dive into the water...


It is the 15th day of Last Seed, in the year 433. That's according to the calendar hanging on the wall of the Legion Offices. The Commander is sitting at a wooden desk, looking at documents, almost searching for something as Guard Captain Hieronymus Lex walks in.
"Commander, sir, i think you'll want to read this letter from our guard on the island near Bravil," says Hieronymus as he hands the commander a hastily written letter.
The commander grabs the letter and reads it as Hieronymus looks down at the floor and sees papers everywhere. Looks like the commander is worried about something or someone, but he is most definitely troubled about something. "Sir, if there is anything i can..."
"Impossible," exclaims the commander, cutting off Hieronymus mid-sentence. The commander looks up at the ceiling with a blank stare, almost looking like he's in deep thought. Suddenly, he turns his head to Hieronymus and says, "Captain Lex, inform Count Terentius of Bravil to place his guard on full alert. To watch for a man in a steel colored heavy armor. Also, remind them that this man must be captured and brought here, alive."
"Yes sir, right away..."
A Imperial legion officer enters the room and faces the commander, "Sir Jauffre is here to speak with you." The commander gets up, but as he walks away, he stops and looks at Hieronymus, "What are you still doing here? Get that message to the Count of Bravil. Immediately!" The commander then walks out of the office.
As Hieronymus turns to leave, an old looking piece of paper on the commander's desk catches his eye...

Endar Telvanni - Wanted Alive - Escaped Prison in 421 - Armed & Dangerous


Endar walks through the gate of Bravil, with his Madness Helmet under his left arm, his auburn shoulder length hair still damp from the swim through the Niben. Two men dressed in light armor, carrying steel longswords and shields with what looks like a deer in the middle, step in front of Endar as he walks into Bravil. These must be the town guards.
"Greetings dunmer, welcome to Bravil. How may i assist you," asks one of the guards as the other eyes Endar's longsword sheathed at his hip. Endar looks at the inquiring guard, "I have no idea where i am... I guess i am looking for an inn or somewhere i can comfortably sleep for the night."
"Silverhome on the Water is a good place to sleep and eat," says the guard as he points over his shoulder to a small house looking building right behind them.
"Thank you," says Endar as he starts to walk towards the building that the guard pointed at. As Endar walks into the inn, he looks back to catch both guards still staring at him, he then walks in and closes the door behind him.
"Welcome to Silverhome on the Water. My name is Gilgondorin, what can i do for you today?"
"I would like a warm bed to rest in for the night, and mayhap a cold glass of water," replies Endar.
"Ok, that will be 25 gold for the room and water please," the innkeeper demands. Endar looks around, "Mayhap this was not a good idea, I do not have any currency of this land." Gilgondorin shrugs, letting Endar know that without the gold, he's not going to sleep here tonight. Endar lowers his head a bit and turns to walk out of the inn.
"Psst, dunmer," whispers an Orc from a table in the corner, "I see that you are out of gold. Mayhap you will sell me that helmet you are carrying for 500 gold?" Endar looks down at his helmet in his arm, realizing that it would be well worth five thousand gold in this land. However, it seems like he is going to need all the gold he can get to be able to do anything while he is here. "Ok, you got it."
The tall orc stands, takes out a bag tied around his bicep and gives it to Endar. Endar then reluctantly gives the orc the Madness Helmet. Endar opens the bag he was given and finds five hundred small golden coins with an Imperial man's head engraved in them, with 'One Septim' printed across the bottom of each coin.
"Here is your 25 gold," Endar states as he hands Gilgondorin 25 of these golden coins.
"Thank you, here is your water and the key to your room for the night, it's upstairs. Enjoy your stay here at Silverhome on the Water."
Endar walks up the stairs and opens the first door he finds. He takes off all of his Madness armor and sets it on the floor. A loud clank is heard as the heavy armor and longblade are set on the floor. He drinks the glass of water and sets the empty glass on the dresser next to the hastily made bed in the corner of the small room. He sits on the edge of the bed, dressed in nothing but his undergarments, breathes a breath of relief and lays down, setting his head softly on the pillow at the head of the bed.

Eight hours pass by, the entire time, Endar is tossing and turning, as if he is having a nightmare.
A familiar voice calls out to him, "Endar! Awake! Wake up Endar! The Knights of Order are here!"
Endar sits up suddenly, "Where are they?!" Awake and in a cold sweat, He then wipes his face and glances in the corner to notice that his armor and blade are not where he put it, in fact, they're nowhere in this room.
He looks up to see a Bravil town guard standing just inside of his room, behind him stand two more guards outside the open door of his room. "Who is they? No matter. Endar Telvanni, let's take a trip to the castle. You are no longer welcome here."


Gilgondorin, resting in his wooden chair behind the lobby desk of Silverhome on the Water, opens his eyes to see three town guards carrying the dark elf - who rented a room and water the night before - down the stairs toward the desk, "Here, kind altmer, is compensation for this disturbance." Imperial Guard Captain Audens then hands Gilgondorin 200 gold coins.
As the three Bravil guards carry Endar's unconcious body outside, Brokil gro-Shatur, a burly orcish man yells out to a small crowd gathered around him, "I have the helmt of the great House Telvanni!"
Audens walks up to Brokil and takes the madness helm from his hand, "Not anymore, orc. This is Imperial property now, evidence."
"I bought that from that dunmer you have there, for five hundered gold!"
Audens throws his head back and laughs, putting the helmet under his arm, he walks away, escorting the guards carrying Endar, "Change of plans, men, we take this one straight to the Imperial Prison. My men are outside the city gates to take his body to the Imperial City."
"Sir, with all due respect, our orders from the Count were to bring Endar to him first."
"I can make sure you never work for any town guard for the rest of your life if you do not follow my orders," Audens says with an intimidating air about him.


"We must stop their leader before he reaches the gate to Cyrodiil or both realms will surely be destroyed! Endar. Hey! Endar? Wake up!"
Endar wakes up in a sweat. He is in a very small room, dirt floors, brick walls, and a barred door. He must be in the Imperial Prison. What in Oblivion am I doing here, he wonders to himself.
A prison guard walks up to the cell door and opens it. "Dunmer, come with me. You're going to have a little talk with the warden."

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