The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Chapter XVII


The lobby of the Tiber Septim Hotel in the Imperial City is dead silent, everyone is still in their beds this early in the morning.  Nevertheless, Skye and her dremora partner quickly sneak through the entrance of the hotel, keeping to the wall and in the shadows.  She gestures toward the stone steps on the right, and they make their way around the lobby to the edge of them when they hear a clatter from the top of the staircase.  Kathutet throws his palm up, halting Skye in her tracks as they quietly wait.

An aged, blonde, imperial woman - dressed in an upper-class black robe with gold trim - slowly makes her way down the stairs in front of the sneaking couple.  The woman yawns and walks through the lobby away from them, picking up a letter on the desk and continuing onward, disappearing around the far corner. Kathutet nods at Skye, who lowers her hood, unties her robe, and drops it onto the nearby fireplace.

The fire glows bright as the green robe quickly burns away, Skye tightens the leather straps on her scant battle armor, quietly grabs a golden dagger from her satchel, and slides it into one of her leather bracers.  They quickly yet silently make their way up the stairs into the hall above.  Kathutet's eyes blacken for a moment, return to normal, then he points toward the door on the left. 

Skye slowly opens the door to the indicated room and sees Imsin, still clad in her armor, lying on the bed in a deep sleep.  Skye slowly reaches her left hand to her right wrist, toward the hilt in her leather bracer - thanking herself that her armor is so scant that it doesn't make any noise when she moves her limbs.  Sliding the blade out of the bracer, however, is another story - even the quietest of noises in this dead silence are as loud as a screeching goblin.

 Skye freezes in place after unsheathing the blade, but surprisingly, Imsin does not shift one inch.  The conjurer sneaks all the way to bedside, leans in, and draws her arm back for the kill.  Suddenly, a steel sword falls from above, striking Skye's skin on her finger, causing her to drop the dagger and stumble backwards, hand bleeding - her bangs fall in front of her face.  Endar steps out of the shadow next to the bed, "I don't think so."

 Kathutet lunges toward Endar from behind Skye, his greatsword leading the charge.  Endar quickly recovers his stance and parries the long, black-red blade, staggering the dremora knight.  Skye then charges toward Endar, her ethereal blades materializing in her hands, but Imsin quickly jumps up from the bed and thrusts her forearm into Skye's abdomen, sending the conjurer tumbling to the floor, Skye, however, quickly recovers and rolls out of it.

Skye's hand begins to glow with an intense purple glow as the flames on her blades grow, she stretches her fingers out away from the hilt of one of them - the bleeding hand - and runs them through her hair, pushing her bangs up over her face.  After she does this, a thick, bloody, red streak is visible in her hair.  She bears her fangs and begins throwing blade flurries at Imsin, who is taken aback in defense.

 Endar feels burning pain in the entirety of his arm as he uses his shield to block an attack from Kathutet's greatsword.  Endar resists the urge to drop his shield and coddle his searing arm and bashes the dremora with it instead.  Kathutet staggers back as Endar lifts his leg swiftly for a strong kick to the abdomen, sending Kathutet flying backward through the door, splinters flying in all directions.

Imsin, still fighting off the ethereal flurries of Oblivion's blades, glances behind Skye's angry face and notices the dremora crashing through the door, Endar quickly following.  After seeing them disappear down the hallway, her focus returns to Skye.  Imsin allows the conjurer to push her back to the wall behind her, as she takes a deep breath, stretches her arms out, and shots, WULD NAH KEST!  A very intense wind seems to gust through the wall behind Imsin and pushes her forward at a high speed, sending her crashing into Skye.  They both hit the wall of the hall and fall to the floor.

Imsin throws a few punches into Skye's midriff and looks down the hallway, seeing Endar holding off multiple strikes from Kathutet's greatsword. Skye still attempting a recovery from the furious blows, the huntress quickly stands, grabs her bow on her back, draws an arrow and yells at Endar, "Get down!"  Endar swings his head around, looking behind him, and after displaying a surprised look, instantly drops to the floor.  Imsin quickly lets a steel-tipped arrow loose and it strikes Kathutet in the neck, staggering him.  She then quickly takes a breath and shouts again, FUS RO DAH!

A blue shock-wave rips through the air toward Kathutet, sending him flying down the staircase, his limp body lands on the bottom step.   Through heavy breathing, Skye mutters, "No."  The conjurer struggles to climb to a standing position as Imsin runs forward, grabbing Endar's hand and leading him down the stairs, and toward the door of the hotel.

Imsin kicks the door open to reveal a pair Legion guards on the other side, the door smacking one of them, causing the other to quickly unsheathe his sword, "Stop right there, criminal scum!"  Imsin and Endar ignore the request and run past them, the injured guard recovers, and they take chase for the pair clad in heavy armor.


Skye, her hand against her stomach, walks down the stairs, tears flowing again as she sees Kathutet lying at the bottom of the staircase, "Please... No."  She falls to her knees next to him, cursing her lack of healing knowledge, and he opens his eyes. Her blood-stained bangs fall down around her face again as he struggles to speak, "Please... Do not fret... I go to Paradise."  He slowly lifts his arm, rubs his hand against her cheek softly, and she begins crying harder.  He then places his hand against his chest and mutters his last words to Skye, "Take it."

Skye begins bawling as she grabs her dagger, thrusting it into Kathutet's chest.  She cuts a patch of skin around his heart and tears it out.  This is not the first time she's held a daedra's heart, but this time she can't even stand looking at it.  Kathutet begins to fade away as the Darkness takes him, melting his body away in a cloud of dark smoke. 

After Kathutet's body completely vanishes, Skye stands, her strength and composure returned to her, and bears her fangs.  She angrily bites into the daedra heart and instantly feels a cold energy pulsing through her veins.  Scars form around her mouth and eyes, stretching to the far reaches of her face, her hair turns a dark color, the blood in her hair turns black.  She drops the heart, which disintegrates as it hits the floor, hisses loudly, and sprints out the door.

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