The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Chapter XVI


Skye snaps her arms forward, her hands glowing with a faint purple mist.  Nothing happens, the anger within her building.  "Curses, Kathutet! Where are you," she says to herself through grinding teeth.  She snaps her arms forward again, still, nothing happens.  Tears begin to form around her eyes, "Come now, I want to kill you myself for what you've done!"  Several times she snaps her arms as the mist about her hands fizzles away every time.  Her arms grow weak and she collapses into the nearby wooden chair, tears now flowing down her face.  She buries her face into her cupped hands, crying to herself, "Why?  I never wanted her dead! WHY?! CURSE YOU!!"

Suddenly, loud knocking erupts from the nearby door, "Courier," cries a voice from the other side.  Skye quickly wipes away her tears and, standing tall, composes herself once again and opens the door wide enough to just see the courier outside, "Yes?"  "I'm sorry for the disturbance, ma'am, but I have a letter here from the Legion."  She reaches her hand out the door, the courier places the small letter in her hand and she replies, "Thank you," and slams the door.

Skye turns around, leaning back onto the now closed door and begins crying once again.  She drops the letter to the ground and makes her way to the bed, collapsing onto it and curing her body into a fetal position.  You're weak.  Through tears, she slams her fist into the wooden backboard of the bed, "NO! I'm not!"  Indeed you are, conjurer, and you're mother's dead... Kathutet's dead... Your life no longer has meaning.  Take the dagger and end it.  She sniffles her running nose and notices a solid black dagger - which wasn't there a minute ago - sitting on the bedside table.  Yes, conjurer... Take it!  She slowly sits up on the edge of the bed, grips the hilt of the dagger, and holds the blade close to her chest. 

While staring blankly at the wall, holding the shining blade, she notices the letter in front of the door.  She stands, walks to it, picks it up, and begins to read. 

You're quite hard to find, Skye.  Do you know how hard it is to find a courier to go into the ruins of Kvatch?  Nevertheless, I have information and a warning for you.  The fugitives Imsin and Endar have been found in the Imperial City, hiding out on our very doorstep, somewhere in the Talos Plaza District.  Here's your warning:  Captain Lex has no knowledge of this communique, I've burned all records of the fugitives being in the City.  However, after the events of Kvatch and such, your Legion support has been severed as per the agreement made with Kathutet.  You are now considered an enemy of the Legion.  Good luck and Talos be with you.

Sincerely, Legion Captain Audens Avidius 

 After reading about the pair hiding within the City, a new hope sparks inside Skye's mind.  Maybe now she can earn true revenge.  She quickly tightens her leather armor and straps her satchel around her midriff, after placing several vials of void salt inside.  She quickly opens the door with determination, but moments after doing so, a familiar ash-skinned face, covered mostly by a green hood, steps in front of her... In a familiarly raspy, hoarse voice, the man speaks, "You are not going after them on your own."


  In the early waking hours, the grand Imperial City is shrouded by dense fog as Skye and Kathutet - cloaked in dark-green hooded robes - sneak through the city to the Talos Plaza District, finally resting in an alley behind a hotel.  Skye breaks the awkward two day silence between them by whispering, "Why, by Dagon, did you even come back?  You killed my mother, you vile demon."  Kathutet sighs and replies, "I could not let anything happen to you, Skye... For a human, you are important to me."  Skye clenches her fist tightly, "So important that you would kill my own mother?"  "If it meant that you would continue to live... Yes."  Skye draws her fist back and throws a furious punch at him, which connects to his jaw.  Kathutet stumbles back, but simply shrugs it off and continues, "I know, you're angry, but..."  He is interrupted by her, "Angry?  No, I am furious!  I won't ask again, demon, why have you come back?"

Kathtuet raises his voice just above a whisper, trying to reamin quiet despite his frustration, "I came back for you! I do not have much time left in this realm!  I am to be banished to Mankar Cameron's Paradise."  Skye's anger melts away at the mention of Cameron, and her eyes light up, "So you're going to leave me too?"

He remains silent for several minutes, hangs his head, and finally replies, "Yes..."  Their conversation is cut short by the sound of foot falls on the street.   They both quiet themselves and watch the street, straining to see through the thick fog.  Suddenly two figures come into view, one of them clearly wearing green steel and leather armor, the other solid steel armor.  Kathutet and Skye trade glances at eachother and the dremora nods.  After the pair of armored figures enter the hotel, Skye and Kathutet sneak toward the door and slowly open it. 

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