The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Chapter XXII


Endar steps out of a boat which drops him off on the shore of the Niben Bay island where he arrived in Tamriel, the ominous blue portal looming in the near distance.  "Thank you, kind sir,"  he bows his head to the wood elf who steers the boat.  "You are quite welcome, Sir Telvanni, anything for an officer of the Legion."  Endar nods, and walks toward the portal to the isles, deep in thought of the past day:


Endar stands in front of Chancellor Ocato, receiving congratulations and a pardon from his crimes, "Thank you, Chancellor," he says as they firmly shake hands.  "Endar, I have a couple things for you, as tokens of my appreciation and apologies," Ocato points to the corner of the Palace chamber, to Endar's old Madness Armor.

The dark elf's face lights up with excitement as he immediately drops his steel armor off of his body, his simple gown revealed and picks up his old armor, along with the helm taken by the Legion officer that day in Bravil, "Thank you, sir, thank you very much!"  He quickly fits the heavy, studded armor to his body and takes the helm under his left arm.  Ocato smiles and nods.

"If you will it so, I would like to recruit you into the Legion as an officer.  We'd do good to have such a warrior as yourself, Telvanni."  Endar takes his madness sword in his hands, rotates it several times, admiring the shiny blade he thought lost, "I accept, though, I cannot serve well, sir.  I know where my calling is, where I can perhaps find my fallen love."

"Ah, yes... the portal in the Niben, of course.  I will provide an escort to the island.  First;  I hear-by anoint you an official member of the Imperial Legion, may the gods have mercy on our souls during this time of strife."  Endar nods and starts for the door. 

"Oh! Endar, one more thing,"  Ocato takes something out of his satchel and hands it to Endar, who takes it and opens his hand.  He sees a custom made gold Nordic cross attached to a solid gold chain, "We believe it belonged to your lover, Imsin the Huntress, an Amulet of Talos.  My scholars say when it's worn by a Dragonborn, it magnifies their power of the voice."


Endar slowly closes his hand after having stared at the amulet while recalling the conversation with Ocato.  I love you, Imsin.  He slowly turns his head up to look into the glowing portal, slips on his Madness Helm, and walks into the Shivering Isles.

The child shall be spared...



  The campfire of a small camp outside the Dwemer ruin called Mzinchaleft, deep in the county of The Pale in Skyrim, blazes as a Nordic man and woman sleep under the shelter of a tent.  Pebbles on the ground next to them start rattling as the ground rumbles faintly.  The man opens his eyes slowly and glances toward the nearby hill.  He notices a cloud of dust in the distance.

"Looks like the Imperial Legion has finally found me."  He looks at the woman, peacefully sleeping next to him, and softly nudges her several times coaxing her back into the waking world.  When she opens her eyes, he gestures toward the cloud of dust, "Do you recall me telling you that we would one day be forced to part ways?"  Her smiles disappears from her face, "Yes... This is that day, isn't it?"

The man stands, grabs a glass sword, and hands it to her, "Indeed."  "Will we ever see each other again?"  The man drops his eyes to the ground, which is now rumbling louder, the dust cloud growing as six horse silhouettes appear within.

"Perhaps, my love, but for now, you must retreat into Mzinchaleft, there's no escaping my fate now."  Without saying another word, she crawls out of the tent and tightens the fasteners on her steel armor and hugs him.  After the brief goodbye, he turns to face the incoming horde of Legion horses, carrying armored Legionnaires.  The woman quickly sprints toward the golden door of Mzinchaleft and enters the ruins, looking back only once at the man, who glances back at her and whispers, "Goodbye Mjoll, my love."

The Nord man falls to his knees and puts his hands behind his back as the Legionnaires surround him.  As all six of them dismount and walk behind him, one of them wearing armor unique to the rest draws his sword.  The officer approaches the Nord man and points the tip of his blade to the man's throat, "I am glad you're coming freely, Nord.  I would hate to do this the hard way.  Endar Telvanni the Second, you are under arrest for your crimes against the Empire, under punishment of execution."


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