The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Chapter XVIII


It's been what seems like years since Kathutet began to serve his punishment in a man-made realm of Oblivion.  Time has no meaning here, as only a moment has passed in Tamriel.  The bracers around his wrists binding him to this realm grow heavier with each passing minute as he paces along a bridge leading to a cave, the Forbidden Grotto.  Inside the grotto, screams can be heard from time to time, it's where mortals are held and tortured merely for sport.

 Anaxes, the only Xivilai in Paradise, is trapped within a coastal cave near the outer reaches of the island, put there by Kathutet himself - annoyed by the gray-skinned daedra - trapped behind a boulder.  Reminding himself of the successful trap relieves him somewhat and he manages a half smile as he paces along the length of the bridge.

 A rustling sound up the patch leading to the bridge startles Kathutet, and he looks in the sound's direction.  He notices a shadowy figure walking toward him - unable to see the mortal's face, feelings of anger and admiration flow into his twisted mind.  This must be the "Hero of Kvatch" as the mortals say.  Kathutet is immensely confused as to why he cannot make out the mortal's face or even general body structure, but he approaches it and begins to speak.

"You destroyed the Sigil Tower at Ganonah.  My kin say you fought well."  Not many mortals are honored with the gift of tongue spoken by a dremora knight, so this one tilts it's head in bewilderment and responds in a whisper, "Ganonah?  I've never heard of it."  Kathutet winces at the mistake he's made by mentioning the name of the great gate outside the human city of Kvatch during the attack, "Our clan sacked your city of Kvatch... A trifling task fit for scamps.  Your swift retribution earned you much respect among my people.  We had not expected that a mortal would act with such resolution and honor.  It is no dishonor for us to speak."

Even though Kathutet has spent many of his recent years among the mortals of Tamriel, he has been feeling the thoughts and emotions of his kinsmen in Oblivion, and his growing anger is stifled by honor... Maybe he will get a chance to redeem himself by slaying the human.  The mortal finally responds, "I have nothing to say to you."  Kathutet scoffs out of not being surprised at the arrogance of this one, "Talk or not as you choose, but you will listen."  The mortal shakes it's head, "I'm going to kill you."  Kathutet's patience grows thin, "Like all mortals, you talk when you should listen.  You will have your chance for battle... If you wish it."

"What do you want then," asks the mortal.  "There is but one way out of this garden.  I guard that path.  You will travel that path and it will bring me great honor to defeat you.  So I offer you a choice:  Would you confront me in battle?  Or offer me service?"  The mortal places a hand on it's weapon and Kathutet already knows what the answer is, "I choose battle."  Kathutet replies, "Your mind follows the simple path, the choice of an animal.  But you have courage, at least.  You will fall, mortal, and then where will you be? Dead and nothing."

Kathutet pulls his greatsword from his back to swing at the mortal, but he has underestimated it's power and the battle ends as quickly as it began and the dremora knight finds himself buckled over on the ground.  This is his punishment... He is weak in Cameron's realm, and he is to suffer for all eternity as his spirit blinks in and out of the Darkness every time his body is destroyed.

The mortal stoops down and removes the bracers from Kathutet's wrists which magically adjust to it's wrist size and attach themselves to the human's wrists, allowing it access to the Grotto.  As Kathutet's dying ears hear the footfalls speed away from him, he glances over at the blue ocean and sees Anaxes fleeing the confines of the cave.  Kathutet huffs a breath of amusement at the obvious joke at his expense, bows his head, and closes his eyes as his spirit is taken to the Darkness. 

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