The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Master Conjurer Skye, Daughter of Mannimarco

 Birthdate Loredas, 20th of Sun's Dusk - 3E 413
 Age 20
 Race Altmer (High Elf)
 Birthplace Artaeum - Summurset Isles
 Skills Destruction, Conjuration, Illusion
 Spells Conjure Dremora, Conjure Storm Atronach, Lightning Bolt, Charm
 Armaments None
 Armor Armor of the Old Gods set
 Accessories Necromancer's Amulet, Master Ring of Conjuration
 Distinctions Violet tattoo around left eye and cheek



Surprisingly, as she is a virgin, Skye is very outgoing with her sexuality.  She takes pride in her own beauty and always flaunts it to get her way.  She is very sarcastic and takes little seriously, besides the words of her companion, Kathutet.  She has strong feelings for said companion, for he rescued her when she was almost dead, but knows deep down inside her soul that they cannot be together, so as to not be driven insane, treats and sees him as a father figure.  Lastly, she is extremely arrogant about her magicka, and is greatly excited when she has the chance to use her spells.

Personal History

Born - to Effie and Mannimarco - on the mysterious, disappearing island of Artaeum, one of the Summurset Isles, Skye took to magicka in her early childhood.  Home-schooled in various magical schools by her mother, Effie, who bestowed the gift of a Daedric sigil stone during Skye's seventh year.  Since receiving the magical, demonic sphere, Skye started to worship the Daedric Lord of Destruction, little by little, corrupting her own mind with illusions of grandeur, her mother oblivious to such practices. 

Several years later, her house was attacked by a gang of vampires, who solely attacked her father, Mannimarco.  It is still unclear why Skye and her mother were spared in this attack, but her father was turned into a vampire and left to rot.  The following months, Skye and Effie scoured Tamriel for a cure, when - asking among the Nords of Skyrim - they heard rumors of a young girl in Cyrodiil who cured her family members of Porphyric Hemophilia, the vampire disease.

Effie and Skye returned to the Isles, to retrieve Mannimarco to be cured, when the following night, while they rested before the trip to Cyrodiil, she was bitten by her own father.  She struck him down, paralyzing him.  No word of what happened to her mother during this time has fallen on any ears since then, but she fled the Isles and washed up on the south-western coast of Cyrodiil, near Anvil.

Shortly after, Kathutet, a dremora knight, found her and healed her, inducting her into service under Mehrunes Dagon.  For the next five months, together, they sacked various camps in the greater Tamriel area (Morrowind, Cyrodiil, High Rock, and Skyrim).  The armor she wears to this day, The Armor of the Old Gods, was obtained after her and Kathutet wiped out an entire, fortified camp of aboriginal Bretons in south-west Skyrim. 

After making their way back to Cyrodiil, the sack in Skyrim considered their retirement from raiding, Kathutet relayed orders to Skye that she was to apprehend a dunmer warrior named Endar, who was believed to be in the Imperial province.  This was the perfect opportunity to test her mastered illusion spells, seduction. 

Imperial Legion Documentation

Wanted: [Redacted]

Possible Sentence: [Redacted] 

As per the agreement made with Dremora Knight called Kathutet - to have Skye's crimes ignored - we have cut off observation of this Altmer permanently.  If at any time, Kathutet betrays the agreement, Skye will be apprehended and executed as fast as humanly possible for her crimes against the Empire.

-- Imperial Legion Captain Lex 

Daedric Documentation

Roughly translated into Common:  Skye, daughter of Mannimarco, is not to be harmed.  She is a mortal altmer under the protection of the Destruction sphere.  Her charge, Kathutet, handles all communication.  Daedra found harming her will be slain immediately.

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