The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Chapter VI

Endar's ears ring furiously as he stumbles back to his feet.  Looking around, hearing screams, he glances in all directions and rests his eyes on a woman in tan-colored leather covering parts of her body.  A High Elf by the looks of it, her hands are stretched out as bolts of fire erupt from her very palms, she is laughing then proceeds to giggle as she sets Shadowmere on fire.  "I see you," she calls out as lightning shoots out of her hands and arcs toward an empty space, which hits what seems to be an invisible human, and a black robed figure appears and promptly drops to the ground dead.  The black robed figure has a black hand painted on his face. So much for the Black Hand's protection, Endar thinks to himself. A loud and deafening explosion knocks him down once again, and Eveen follows.   

 Nearly unconscious, the only thing Endar can see now is Eveen's lifeless face lying next to his.  A single tear runs down her cheek as her eyes slowly close.  The next thing Endar sees, lying hopeless in the dirt, is the Altmer woman's beautiful legs, walking toward Eveen and himself,  "...And one more, just to be sure," says the woman as she places her hand over Eveen's corpse and lets out a shock spell, causing Eveen's lifeless body to convulse one last time.  Smiling, the woman drops to one knee in front of Endar and stares at him.  Her eyes dart to the right, "Tsk tsk, no one sneaks up on me,"  she says as she quickly stands up, spins around, and throws her hands out as arcs of lightning erupt from her palms, killing another robed Black Hand attempting to back-stab her. The woman then takes Endar's hand and helps him up, putting his arm over her shoulders.  "Well hello, Endar, my name is Skye.  Would you like to come back to my house in Kvatch,"  asks Skye, smiling at Endar.  Trying to catch his breath, Endar eventually is able to respond to her query, "No! Murderer!"  As he says this, Skye places her hand on his chest and he suddenly feels an energy of sorts course through his body.  Everything he can see turns green for a moment, then returns to normal.  She's very beautiful for an Altmer.  Skye takes Endar's other hand and places it on her hip, "Let's try this again... Would you like to come to my house in Kvatch?"  No -- Maybe... "Yes, I would."  What? What's going on?  Somebody help me!! But nothing comes out of Endar's mouth as he passes out once again.

   Endar opens his eyes slowly.  Where am I now?  He finds himself lying in a very comfortable bed in a darkly lit room.  "Good morning, Endar,"  says Skye, sitting next to him, now wearing a patched dress with a slit up to her hip.  Endar starts to instinctively sit up in defense, but his chest is so sore, he moves slowly, and comes to rest sitting up against the headboard.  I shouldn't be here... I can't control my own feelings... Why?  She must have put some sort of spell on me... These thoughts toward her are wrong...  "I'm not going to hurt you, handsome."  Why can I not talk... I want to tell her I don't believe her... Skye stands up next to the bed, slips off her robe, revealing her undergarments and slowly crawls onto Endar's lap. NO! This is wrong, but I can't fight it! Skye giggles, runs a hand down Endar's face, and continues, "Do you remember your mother?  I remember mine, whom I greatly miss.  She taught me everything I know about magicka.  Conjuration and Illusion were my favorite classes.  She even taught me how to bend human will through charm spells."  By the Nine, this is unbearable, but on the other hand, I'm enjoying this.  WHY?!  Why can't I snap out of it? HELP!!  Skye smiles, "Hmm, works pretty well, doesn't it?  Anyway, my mother was the most powerful mage in all of Summerset Isles, a beautiful, strong willed Altmer named Effie who found love in a skilled Necromancer named Mannimarco.  Shortly after that, I was born." I don't care! Curses, I should just give in... NO! I cannot!!  "Nineteen years later, one warm summer night, our house was attacked by vampires. My mother and I were spared, strangely, but my father was not, he was turned into one of their kind.  For two months, we lived with the fact that he was a creature now, but we loved him too much to leave."  I think I know where this is going... Please don't say it...  "Then one night, while my mother lay in bed fast asleep, he snuck into my room and bit me on the neck.  So I struck him down and fled the Isles toward Cyrodiil."  NO! She wants to turn me... FIGHT IT!  I can't, she's so beautiful, and her skin so soft... NO!! "A month later, I was laying broken and betrayed, on the coast near Anvil, almost a vampire, and a dark skinned man in gorgeous black armor picked me up and helped me.  After he healed me, he said that the Daedric Prince of Destruction - Mehrunes Dagon - had a purpose for my life, that I was welcome in their family.  This man was Kathutet, the strongest Dremora Knight to ever grace Oblivion, though he doesn't believe it himself."  Skye giggles at the thought of her demonic companion, climbs off of Endar's lap, and stands up once more.  She proceeds to take his hand, stand up next to her, and wraps her arms around him, pulling on his back, pressing his chest up against hers.  She feels so good against my body, but this isn't right.  I am weak... Kathutet?  I remember that name... The robed man in the prison... Skye takes Endar's hands and places them on her bare hips.  Curses, this is so nice, but I should be fighting it.  Why can't I? I must give in... NO! I can't!!  "My purpose was to find you, Endar, that you may follow in your father's footsteps."  Skye grins, revealing her fangs, extremly sharp.  "Join me for eternity as my heir and my lover, Endar."  I submit, turn me already.  Endar uncontrollably submits and his entire body relaxes its stiff muscles, "Indeed, I will, master.  We will be together forever, serving Lord Dagon."

The world around Endar slows down as he feels the edges of Skye's fangs contact his neck.  Suddenly, the door shakes and explodes inward as a tall woman - wearing steel and leather armor, covering all but a slit down her chest - runs through the door.  Everything still being in slow motion for Endar, he glances at the woman's face, beautiful and peaceful, she has tan skin, gorgeous blue eyes, teal warpaint on her right cheek and neck, and beautiful lips, revealing that she is a Nord. The bangs of her pony-tailed red hair falls down around her face as she stretches her arms out, takes a deep breath in and shouts, FUS-RO-DAH!!  A light blue shock-wave rips through the air between the Nord woman and Skye, who is thrown against the far wall with a loud crash and she falls to the ground on one knee.  Endar's mind slowly returns to normal as Skye's charm spell fades away, and the passage of time returns to normal around him as well.

Skye slowly raises her head, eyes burning with a dark violet glow, as two ethereal blades appear in each hand - seemingly on fire with magical blue flames - "Dragonborn bitch!"  Skye pushes off the wall, sprinting towards the Nord, who throws her arms up - her left grabbing a bright steel bow on her back, the other pulling a glass-tipped arrow out of a silver quiver tied to her back.  She quickly draws the arrow and lets it loose, ripping through the air and piercing Skye's left leg, sending her tumbling down onto the ground.  She screams in pain, clutching her leg, followed by passing out.  The Nord quickly moves toward Endar, "Do not be afraid, Endar, I am Imsin.  I heard your cries for help when you were ambushed by this dirty conjurer.  I am here to take you to real safety.  Do you recognize me,"  she says with the most beautiful voice Endar's ever heard.  He finally replies, "Yes... I do, you are the woman from my dreams, are you not?"  "Yes, I was trying to find where you were located, but my warning was cut short by another presence entering your mind, so I had to wake you up, I am sorry for any pain I have caused you, but it needed to be done so I could find you.  Anyway, enough talk for now, we must go before Skye can heal herself."  Endar glances at Skye, laying on the ground unconscious, still holding onto her leg,  "Agreed, let's go."  Imsin takes his hand, leading him out of the house.

Moments later, Kathutet emerges from the shadows, waking up and helping Skye to her knees.  Skye looks at Kathutet, "What are you doing? Go after them or I'll banish you back to Oblivion myself!"  Kathutet promptly obeys and sprints out the door.

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