The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Imsin the Huntress


 Birthdate Loredas, 5th of Mid Year - 3E 409
 Age 24
 Race Nord
 BirthplaceWindhelm - Eastmarch - Skyrim 
 Skills Archery, One-Handed
 Spells None
 Armaments Nord Hero Bow & Shortsword
 Armor Ancient Nord Armor set
 Accessories Silver-Emerald Circlet, Amulet of Talos, Ring of Hircine
 Distinctions Teal warpaint on right cheek



Imsin is the type to be occasionally sarcastic, yet mostly serious about her craft.  Her extensive schooling in The Voice makes her wise far beyond her age.  She has an undying hatred for vampires in Tamriel, as they harass her with constant failed raids because she is a werewolf. Imsin is a laid back hunter, until the situation calls for seriousness, then that's when she can get the job done.

Personal History

Born to unknown parents in Windhelm in the Nordic province of Skyrim, Imsin was self-raised with the assistance of wolves, in the form of hunting and protection, in the forests of Eastmarch County.  At the age of twelve, she was summoned to High Hrothgar, home of the Greybeard Monks, masters of The Voice.  After eight long years of training, she finally mastered The Voice good enough to fluently speak dragon-speak and shout several magical words in the same language.

About a year later, a woman by the name of Aela happened upon the steps of High Hrothgar looking for Imsin, saying that she hears the calling of the Bloodmoon inside of Imsin.  Shortly after, Imsin was one of the original members of The Circle, a secret group of werewolves among Skyrim's fighters guild, The Companions (Who bestowed a set of Ancient Nord Armor onto Imsin).  Aela the Huntress of The Circle gifted Imsin with the power of visions, foresight, and mind-reading... Which came in handy in the years to follow.

Few months later, at the young age of twenty, Imsin campaigned for Jarl, or Countess, of Whiterun, Skyrim's central County.  However, the Moot - Elder Council of Skyrim - wise to her lycanthropy, denied her petition, disappointing her greatly.  Feeling betrayed by her own people, she left The Companions and journeyed to Cyrodiil in the hopes of starting over her life.

With the burden of beast blood came the revelation that her soul was destined to roam Hircine's Hunting Grounds for eternity if she was to be killed.  The regret and shame of her lycanthropy, to this day, is at the back of her mind.  She can indeed feel passion and love for another, but not perfect happiness. 

For two years, she roamed the Cyrodiilic countryside, hunting and laying her head on whatever stones she can find, until one day, while hunting near the city of Kvatch, she heard the cries of help from a man nearby.  She quickly packed up and set off to investigate.

Imperial Legion Documentation

Wanted: (Alive) Illegal hunting & Harboring a fugitive.

Possible Sentance: Two years in the Imperial City Prison

Imsin the Huntress has been wondering the plains of Cyrodiil for several years, but has recently been sighted assisting the fugitive Endar Telvanni, who is wanted for numerous crimes against nature and against the Legion.  Reports indicate that Imsin has a rare condition called Lycanthropy, but there is no evidence to support this claim.  Nevertheless, extreme caution is to be practiced if the situation of apprehension should present itself.   Be reminded, that Endar is wanted dead or alive, so it does not matter what happens to him if he gets in the way of us arresting Imsin.  Suggested armaments and armor to combat Imsin are as follows: Heavy Legion Armor and Silver blades/arrows. A vacation and wage raise will be awarded to the arresting soldier.

--- Imperial Legion Captain Lex 

Daedric Documentation

Roughly translated into Common:  The Nord called Imsin is known to be in Cyrodiil searching for the Dunmer we have been pursuing. She is not to be underestimated, as she is a servant of Akatosh... The Dragon-Born's life has been marked and she must be slain on sight, as per direct order of Lord Dagon himself.

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