The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Chapter X


Endar wakes up after much needed rest following their four day journey out of Cyrodiil, notices Imsin already awake and outside the shack they slept in, standing in front of the dragonwall.  Endar stands and begins to walk outside when he hears her speak to the wall, PAAR-THUR-NAXX.  There are numerous lines and circles scratched into the dragonwall, the dragon's language, carved into the stone by their own claws.  A number of these scratches begin to glow:


  Suddenly, the dark clouds above, raining snow down on them, part and a ray of sunshine pierces the freezing air and lights the dragonwall.  A loud, booming voice comes from the light, Wo calls Paarthurnaxx prodah aye kos niid, dovahkiin?  Endar looks up in wonder as he sees a dragon flying from the heavens straight toward them.  This dragon, Paarthurnaxx, has shiny bronze scales and huge horns on his skull.  Paarthurnaxx lands on the dragonwall, folds in his wings, and faces his head toward Imsin.  Tinvaak, Nord! Aye kos hind foor ah tinvaak, says the beautiful dragon.  Endar is confused, he doesn't understand one word the dragon is speaking, nonetheless the shock of finding out dragons really do exist.  Imsin bows on one knee, Aye, Imsin fin Huntress, aye yah aak tu stah vokul fus nir uus.  

 Geh, aye klov do wo hin tinvaak do, fin maaj Skye.  Imsin nods at Paarthurnaxx, Du hin hav klov do fin tu ek dinok?  Endar hears faint crunching like footfalls in the snow behind him, but when he looks, he sees nothing... He simply shrugs and returns his gaze towards the bronze dragon.  Paarthurnaxx lets out a might huff of breath and continues their dragon-speak conversation, Hin fen siiv fin voth tafiire.  Yah fin gein wo fen sahlo ek, fin fahliil briinah.  Imsin nods again and stands, Geh hin, Paarthurnaxx, fin lot. Aal fin dovahkiin ven fin kein, naal naan ahmik.  With little effort, the dragon unfolds his wings and takes off from his perch on the dragonwall, Aye huup sou, dovahkiin! He quickly ascends back into the heavens, followed by the clouds closing and the ray of light vanishing.

"What was all that about, Imsin?  Did we get the information we need," inquires Endar, still very hopelessly lost after that encounter with a creature he thought extinct.  "Indeed we did.  We must find Skye's mother if we hope to stop her.  'The elven mother is among thieves,' he said... So we must head east to Riften, here in Skyrim, home to the Thieve's Guild."  Endar heads back to the shack and packs their things once again, and they prepare for their journey when he feels an arm wrap around his throat.

Suddenly, a dark-skinned and bloody arm appears around his neck, attached to the arm is Kathutet, the dremora knight from the prison.  Endar squirms as Kathutet speaks quietly into his ear, "I've finally caught the dragonborn's little rat, however, I will spare your life for now... I want you to watch closely at what happens next," then lets out a chuckle.  Imsin finally notices what is happening behind her and spins around, bow already in hand, "Be gone, vile Dremora, or I will behead you and see your soul back to Oblivion!"  Imsin lets her pony-tail out, allowing her red hair to fall down and back, and draws an arrow at the dremora. Unwavering Kathutet, still tightly holding onto Endar, laughs just before Skye appears and knocks Imsin down.

"Not so fast, Nord," Skye giggles, "That was a nice trick, summoning a dragon, but I can best you when it comes to tricks."  She bends down, preparing to cast a spell on Imsin as the huntress starts groaning, which escelates to loud roar-like screaming.  Dark fur starts appearing all over Imsin's body as she grows a foot taller, her body seemingly exploding outward as her backbone hunches high and a snout forms on the front of her head. Imsin's ancient Nordic armor is ripped from her body as she transforms into her werewolf form, shocking Endar once again.  After the proceess is complete, she lets out a mighty roar.

"So it's going to be that way, huh," Skye says with a smirk, snaps her arms out as an etheral blade - on fire with blue flames - appear in each hand.  Meanwhile, Endar struggles to relieve himself of Kathutet's grasp, which only gets tighter the more he struggles.  Imsin charges while letting out another roar at Skye and swipes her claws at the conjurer.  Skye parries the swipe and swings the other blade toward the werewolf's ribs.  Imsin quickly counter-attacks by thrusting her claws at Skye, striking the Altmer on her hip, creating a gash in the form of wolf claws.  Imsin throws another attack at Skye, which is again parried, followed by a thrust of an ethereal blade, piercing Imsin's shoulder, below the bone.  Skye's face lights up, her eyes return to normal from a purple glow, and her the swords disappear from her hands. 

  Imsin lets out a yelp, which quickly returns to a more human moan, falls to the ground, and clutches her shoulder, which is now bleeding profusely.  Kathutet's foul breath crosses Endar's face as the dremora laughs loudly and punches Endar in the gut, causing the Dunmer to buckle over and fall to his hands and knees in pain.  Kathutet sprints several yards away and thrusts his arms toward the ground.  The snow gives way to soil and rocks, which forms a gate to Oblivion, much like the one at Kvatch.  Skye wraps her arms under Imsin's unconscious body and starts dragging her toward the gate, "She's mine now, and I doubt you're elf enough to get her back."  She maniacally laughs as she retreats into the gate, Imsin's body in tow.  Kathutet turns one last time at Endar, grins, then finally walks through the gate, disappearing into the spiral of fire.

Moments later, the fire dissipates and the gate crumbles to the ground.  Endar catches his breath, unsheathes his steel sword and runs at the rocks where the gate once stood, "Why her?! I thought you wanted me! TAKE ME!"  There was no reply, only silence as Endar thrusts his sword into the ground and falls onto his knees, panting heavily.  Endar looks up into the heavens, "Paarthurnaxx? Akatosh? Mara? HELP!"  Again, there is no response, still only ear-tingling silence. I guess I must continue on to Riften and find Skye's mother... She may know what to do.  With a sigh of regret, as he was powerless to protect Imsin, stands, and gathers his belongings.

He pulls his blade out of the snow and sheaths it back into its scabbard.   Instead of snow, a heavy rain begins to fall onto him, which causes him to sigh in frustration and hopelessness.  He then gathers and places Imsin's broken armor into a cloth sack and starts to head east, hoping he will end up in Riften.

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