The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Endar Telvanni of Morrowind


Birthdate Fredas, 21st of First Seed - 3E 412 
 Age 27
 Race Dunmer
 Birthplace Vivec - Vvardenfell - Morrowind
 Skills One-Handed, Heavy Armor, Block
 Spells None
 Armaments Steel Longsword
 Armor Steel Armor set
 Accessories Telvanni Crest Amulet

 Blind in one eye, Scars on left side of face 


Personal History

Born, in secret, to House Telvanni Master Aryon and his mistress, Endar grew up quickly and sheltered.  Though he was sheltered, he frequently went about his business in the city of Vivec under different aliases, none of which were documented.  Fearful of his son's fate at his own hands, Aryon, being a vampire, called for the aide of the vampiric Count of County Kvatch in Cyrodiil, so that he can watch over Endar.

Near Endar's tenth birthday, the Count retreated into a daedric realm for protection from a group of vampire-hunters named The Circle, that realm being The Shivering Isles of Lord Sheogorath.  Several days later, the Count reappears in Cyrodiil, this time by himself, Endar nowhere in sight.  Endar remained in The Shivering Isles, raised by Sheogorath himself.

Sheogorath's sphere of influence being madness, he grew frustrated that Endar's mind would not break, even after ten years, so the Madgod ejected Endar from the Isles back into Tamriel.  Unfortunately, seventeen years had passed in Tamriel, so the shift in time-space has wiped clean all memory of his past, especially ones of his being among the insane of the Isles. 

Imperial Legion Documentation

 Wanted: (Dead or Alive) Various crimes of family against the Legion and Mage Laws.

 Possible sentence: Death by be-heading. 

The dunmer named Endar Telvanni is not to be underestimated under any circumstances.  He has recently emerged through the Mad-portal in the Niben River, so we believe him to be an agent of the Madgod, Sheogorath.  Further, he is to be held accountable for his family's actions, which include slavery, necromancy, open vampirism, and other illegal magical acts.  

--- Imperial Legion Captain Lex 

Daedric Documentation


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