The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Chapter XI


Riften's wooden gate swings inward as a tall, robed High Elf woman strides into the city.  The gate guards bow to the Altmer in extravagent, blue and silver robes, "Welcome to Riften, Arch-Mage."  She nods at them, continues to walk further into the city, and comes to a rest at the railing overlooking the river running the underbelly of Riften.  A Dunmer in a blue hooded robe walks up to her, "Ma'am," he nods toward the nearby tavern - The Bee and Bar, "He's inside, going on about dragons, werewolves, vampires, and conjurers... Are you sure he's the one?"  Without a word, the Arch-Mage nods and walks into the tavern, quickly melting into shadows just inside.

On the opposite side of the tavern sits a stout Imperial man, also in a blue hooded robe.  He nods at the Arch-Mage then at a drunken Dunmer sitting on a bar stool.  She begins to walk at the bar when the Dark Elf starts talking loudly, "First a High Elf temptress then a dragon! A DRAGON!! When will it end?!"  The drunk then looks at a nearby Argonian who is returning the stare, the Dunmer then stands and challenges the Argonian, "What are you gawking at, lizard?!  Haven't you ever seen a Dark Elf before?"  The argonian charges at the dunmer, striking the dark skinned elf in the jaw, causing him to pathetically fall to the ground with a thump.  The Arch-Mage and blue robed mage move toward him.




 Endar opens his eyes, tied to a chair, to find three robed figures in front of him.  "Ma'am, he's awake," says a voice from the left with an imperial accent, soon after, the same man lights a candle and places it on a nearby table.  The woman steps forward and lowers her hood, "Greetings, Endar, these are my associates," she points toward the imperial and dunmer, "Master-wizards Arlowe and Savos (Respectively)," they then nod as she continues, "My name is Effie, Arch-Mage of Skyrim."  Endar cocks his head, Where have I heard that name before?  I remember Skye mentioning it, 'a beautiful, strong willed Altmer named Effie'...

His eyes widen at the revelation, "You're Skye's mother!"  "Indeed, I am, Endar, but what do you know of her?"  Endar sits up, causing the ropes around his wrists to tighten, flinches, then replies, "She and a dremora knight have been pursuing me and my partner, until said partner, named Imsin, was kidnapped by Skye.  They're in Oblivio now, and all I had to go on was a dragon telling us we needed to find you in this city."

Savos raises an eyebrow as Arlowe lets out a loud laugh, "Are you serious? A dragon," he turns to face Effie, "Do you really believe all this nonsense?  This ashlander is nothing but a damned skooma-head!"  Effie raises her hand, causing Arlowe's rant to abruptly end, and he backs up a few steps.  "Please, let him continue," she turns toward Endar again, "Forgive Arlowe, he is only concerned about Skye, as he is her suitor.  At any rate, you were saying?"  Endar remembers being seduced by the conjurer, yet doesn't mention it in this make-shift debriefing, "'Find the elven mother among thieves' said the dragon, so we came here to find you, Effie, so that we may find a way to destroy or at least stop her."  Arlowe clenches his fist, but Effie, aware to the situation, shoots him a look, and he loosens his fist, "Curses, if only I hadn't have given her that sigil stone... Nevertheless, thank you for being so honest with us, Endar, without any knowledge of me beforehand.  I do indeed believe you."

  Endar continues, "So I came here to Riften, well, more or less, I stumbled into this city... Skryim is foreign to me, as is much of Tamriel... Yet I do not remember where I come from, but anyway, after some time of asking countless people and getting the same response of 'most mages are busy closing gates to Oblivion', after a day or two, I gave up and began drinking until I woke up here with you." 

Savos leans into Effie, speaking softly into her ear, she then looks at Endar, inquiring, "What is your family name?"  "Telvanni," answers Endar, then Savos snaps back a step, surprised by the mention of House Telvanni... Then proceeds to cut the ropes binding Endar's hands together.  He quickly stands up, but Arlowe, allowed by Effie, puts his hands on Endar, halting him in his tracks, "Not any closer to the Arch-Mage, dunmer."

Effie looks toward Savos, "I need you return to Winterhold College and grab my books on the daedra," she then turns to Arlowe, "And I need you to scout the northeast border of Cyrodiil, just incase."  The pair nod and slowly make for the door as Effie adds, "Meet us in Vivec City in Morrowind, we'll do it there."  They nod once again and finally take their leave. "What do you want of me," wonders Endar.

"Only peace between the two of us, Endar, for I will help you.  I am the only elf alive that knows how to open an Oblivion gate." 

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