The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Chapter XX


Finally the City guard realizes the Prince of Destruction is among them as a whole company of them run into the Gardens.  Meanwhile, Endar finally reaches Imsin, notices she is alright, breathing hard after the impact on the wall, and turns around, dual blades at the ready.  The trio of Xivilai reach him and he throws a flurry at them, slicing off limbs, and they fall the ground dead.  The third falls to a thrust of the dunmer's blades.

Unwilling to close the distance, many Imperial archers fire arrows at Dagon, but they bounce off his skin as if it's made of rubber.  He lets out a mighty chuckle, shaking the ground violently, many of the Imperials lose their footing and topple over.  The prince returns his attention to Skye, "Unbelievable how so much can come out of something so fragile... So mortal."  He slams her body to the ground and raises his gigantic axe, but his attention is grabbed from elsewhere. 

Similar to Kathutet's way of locating someone, Dagon's eyes turn an even darker shade of black and quickly return to normal, "The heir to the Septim throne is here!"  Dagon quickly forgets about the conjurer laying in front of his giant feet and walks fast enough to be a near-run toward the Temple District, crashing through the tall, golden doors between districts.  The dremora battle-guard and remaining Xivilai follow the Lord of Destruction. 

Endar approaches Skye cautiously, a pool of blood leading away from her, "Do you remember your father?  I do,"  she slowly turns her head to look at him, groaning, as he continues, "He was an evil man, a bloodsucker... Like you, actually.  I've decided I will not let him influence my life like your mother has done to yours."  She scoffs and spits blood at him, and he shakes his head as he draws his dual blades.  Suddenly, a long silver blade is thrust near Endar and pierces Skye's chest, killing her instantly. 

 Endar spins around, weapons at the ready, to find Imsin, fully armored, holding onto the hilt side of her silver sword.  "I trust you'll put your weapons away,"  she says with a smirk as she withdraws her sword from Skye's body, the tip dripping blood.

 Endar drops his swords and embraces Imsin, pulling her against him, "Thank the gods you're well."  This is what Endar needed, to feel the warmth and passion of the Nord huntress again.  All is right in the his mind now, all is known, he is in the clouds.  She leans her lips in for a kiss, but it is cut short by an explosion in the next district over, reminding them that Oblivion is attacking Tamriel.   "Should we leave the body or burn it?"  "Leave it, leave her with what little dignity she had, I say."

"Let's go assist the guard, that should get us some pardon, I guess," says Imsin as Endar retakes his weapons, then they both sprint through the hole in the wall leading into the Temple District.  What they see next is utter and complete chaos;

Dagon swinging his axe back and forth, taking out numerous citizens and guards with each passing swing,  countless dremora flowing out of at least six gates to Oblivion spread out around the temple.  Trees on fire, mostly red flames, but a few burn a bright orange as dremora mages miss the guards with their firebolts.

Imsin draws two arrows at once and lets them fly, they through and through two dremora in the back of the head with pinpoint accuracy.  The fire engulfing one of the trees jumps to a nearby house, setting the banners of an Imperial family's crest on fire.  Suddenly, through the smoke, arrows, and magic flying about, Endar can make out the shadowy figure escorting the robed man on the horse, who is now clad in brilliant, heavy gold armor with a dragon symbol on the cuirass.

 Dagon slams a pair of his fists into the side of the temple nearby, "KILL MARTIN SEPTIM! KILL THE CHAMPION! KILL THEM ALL, MY SERVANTS!!"   Immediately after he gives this booming order, most of the dremora in the area face the champion, bows at the ready.  Imsin is already on the opposite side of the district, killing dremora after dremora with point blank arrows as Endar starts into the nearby demons.

 Martins rounds the rotunda of the temple, slipping into the door just inches away from Dagon, who is focused on the Champion.  Clearly one-third the height of the Daedric Prince, every ounce of courage is pulled together as they fight each other.  Several minutes later, the champion is sent flying via backhand by Dagon, crashing into the side of the temple, yet recovers and runs into it after Martin.

 The daedra are losing numbers, gates are crashing closed, only a few remain... Dagon is now desperate.  He charges into the side of the temple, instantly crumbling half of it to pieces, inside Martin is standing in the middle, he places a necklace - with a red gem in the amulet - around his neck and the ground begins lurching from side to side more violently than before.

By now, Imsin has returned to Endar's side as they, together, right off the remainder of dremora, whose numbers are now a bit more countable... At least twenty remain.  Suddenly, Dagon staggers backwards, shaking the ground even more, and an extremely bone chilling scream is heard overhead - a dragon's cry.

Heads turn to the skies as a dragon appears, made entirely of rolling flames, and descends upon the temple, coming to a hovering stop in front of Dagon.  Imsin yells, "It's Akatosh!"  The presence of the avatar of one of the Nine Divines weakens Imsin, and she falls to her hands and knees.  The fiery dragon flies through Dagon's body and the great Prince staggers yet again and begins glowing.  He is being banished back to Oblivion.

Suddenly, a black-red blade is thrust through Imsin's back and protrudes out her chest, blood flowing from the wound.  IMSIN!!  The world around Endar seems to slow down.  The epic battle between gods in the background is the last thing on his mind at the moment.  This can't be happening!  Dagon looks to be shouting, but Endar hears nothing, all he hears is his own heartbeat elevating as despair fills his mind. 

I should have been watching her back!  Slowly turning around, a slender tall woman comes into his view, still holding the daedric weapon.  I'll kill her! I'll slaughter them all for this!  His eyes rest on the woman's face, and he is further shocked to see dark hair, it's Skye!  Endar shouts, raises his blades and spins, the steel blades slice straight through the conjurer's neck, decapitating her like a knife through butter.  Her head rolls several feet away as her weathered, skinny body falls to the ground and the world returns to normal.

All Endar can think about is Imsin's corpse in front of him, his most recent kill - born of passion and rage and love - and then Dagon's shouts of pain, the screaming of Akatosh.  Then there's a brilliant flash of pure white light, Endar feels searing pain in his eyes, ears, and most of his body as he slowly collapses to the ground....

Everything goes dark. 

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