The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Chapter XII


The perpetual thunderstorm of the Deadlands in Oblivion boom over a tall, dark tower on an island.  At the top of the tower, inside, are Kathutet, Skye, and Imsin - bound, in rags, by her arms to a torture rack.  Skye, an angry look on her face, prods the huntress with a red and black daedric mace, "Where is your little dark elf now?!"  Imsin does nothing but stare blankly at the wall, not about to betray anything about Endar.  The conjurer then draws her hand back and slaps Imsin across the face with the back of her palm.

Skye sighs and turns to Kathutet, "He won't come for her," she says doubtfully.  "Yes.. He will... The dunmer reeks of love for this nord woman... He will come."  Skye turns toward Imsin once again and huffs, "Hah! Love... such a useless emotion," then she prods the huntress once again, on the ribs this time.  Suddenly, a booming voice cries out, causing the ground to shake, "Eliminate the 'Hero of Kvatch', minions!  Do not let him get to the Sigillum Sanguis in The Claw Monolith!"  Kathutet turns to Skye, and as if reading his mind, she nods, "Go ahead, I'll watch her, do what you must."

The dremora knight returns the nod and closes his eyes, followed by sparks of lightning surrounding him.  Moments later, he appears outside the tower called The Claw Monolith, a shadowed figure running toward him.  The figure strikes, with a blade, at him, which Kathutet parries, and pulls the greatsword off of his back.  After several minutes of parrying, dodging, and grazes, the mortal hero finally lands a blow to Kathutet's chest.  The dremora keels over in near-death pain as the mortal runs past him into the tower.  His body failing, he separates his soul from it, and disappears into the Darkness. 

Kathutet... You have failed me... But this is not your last chance... As with all of your kind, the Dremora, you will be born again in a new body... However... The conditions of this exchange of vessels is this...  You must now eliminate the Altmer conjurer called Skye... She has outlived her usefulness to me... Do this or suffer sever consequences, the likes of which are far beyond death... Now... GO!

The dremora knight suddenly hears crackling thunder around him and opens his eyes, which are filled with blinding lights, as he has not used his new body's eyes yet.  He is standing in the tower with Skye, off in a corner this time, though.  He notices three new mortals in the top of the tower with Skye and the Huntress - Another Altmer woman, two Dunmer (one of which is Endar Telvanni), and finally, an Imperial.  He can clearly hear their exchanged words.

"Mother," exclaims Skye, "I had a feeling you would have something to do with this!  I'm not afraid to kill you, mother, though I've missed you, if you get in my way."  Endar unsheathes his steel blade, and motes of fire appear in the Imperial and other Dunmer's hands.  Skye laughs loudly, "You do not scare me, any of you!  Ah, and Endar - I've had a fun time with your beautiful love while you were gone," says the conjurer as she slaps Imsin once again, who then groans loudly.

"Curse you, Skye! Stop this madness at once!"  "No, mother, I am not the one going mad, I am the one in the right here... I thank you for that sigil stone, however, which spoke to me, told me my life's true purpose."  Kathutet hangs his head while at the same time watching Skye, regretting his current orders... Feelings of rebellion and contempt fill his mind... He then whispers to himself, "Curse Dagon, curse this realm, I cannot kill her."  Skye's mother shoots a bolt of lightning at her, but suddenly, Kathutet charges full-speed at the elven mother, sliding his greatsword straight through her body, killing her instantly. 

Shocked, Skye screams, "MOTHER!"  Frozen in place, caused by shock, Skye never betrays her stare towards her mother's body.  The two robed men start firing spells at Kathutet, which are dodged - for the most part - and the dremora swings his great-sword at them.  Endar inches toward the women, wary of the conjurer's recovery from shock, but she never recovers.  Suddenly, the world shakes, and the sky lights up with fire.  Out of the top of the tower, a pillar of fire - shooting into the sky - can be seen several hundred yards away.  The fire surrounds everything, lighting the surroundings like the northern lights in Skyrim, as Endar runs toward Imsin - Skye still staring at Effie's body - releasing her bonds, and holding onto her.  The two men and the dremora stumble about as the tower leans to the side, and the light finally brightens to near whiteness, then everything goes dark as the rumbling gets louder.


Next thing Endar knows is he opens his eyes, notices trees and green grass... He must be back in Cyrodiil.  A few feet away, he sees a gate to Oblivion collapsing to the ground as a shadowy figure runs out and away from it... Endar recognizes the figure as the one at Kvatch, but the thought is banished as Imsin lets out a soft groan.  Endar quickly stands, drapes Imsin's near-unconscious body over his shoulder, and walks toward the nearby inn - The Inn of Ill Omen. 

Several hours later, after tending Imsin's wounds, they take much needed rest, sitting on the bed of the inn's biggest room, next to eachother.  "Thank you, Endar," she says as she removes the bloody rags she was forced to wear in Oblivion, and puts on some simple clothes to relax in.  Endar replies, "No need for 'thank you's when it comes to us, Imsin... I feel in my heart that I love you..."  She smiles and moves closer to him, "...And I love you,Endar, I have since I met you.  You're a good man and deserve none of this chaos that has fell onto your shoulders."  He puts his arm around her and they softly kiss.

After making love, and Imsin falling to sleep in his arms, Endar smiles and begins his retreat into much needed rest. 

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