The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Chapter VII


Led by Imsin, Endar makes his way out of Skye's house in Kvatch.  Walking down the street, through the hustle and bustle of the city, Imsin stumbles, retakes her footing, and continues walking.  What happened? She looks distracted. She's not telling me something... "What has happened is one of my dragonkin has died, but I am unsure of who." "You can read my thoughts?" "Yes, Endar, that is how I found you," Imsin replies and returns her gaze in front of her.  Endar glances at the ground as the dirt under him starts to shake, knocking him off balance. Imsin's gloved hand grabs his arm and helps him catch his balance.  "By the Nine, it's happening. Akatosh preserve the citizens of Kvatch," prays Imsin as she looks into the clouds, which are beginning to turn blood red as a thunderstorm forms.  "No matter what happens, Endar, do not look back... this is not our fight. We must speak with my contact as soon as possible. Let's move!"

 Imsin grabs Endar's hand as her pace speeds up, heading toward the gate of the city.  The air around them fills with mist, warms up, and the sky gets darker.  The ground shakes violently now, and Endar can hear the vibration of steel as the gate shakes.  The citizens of Kvatch start screaming as the gate explodes, Imsin pulls Endar out of the way as the gate crashes into the very spot he just was.  Endar cannot help but stare at what he sees next, a gigantic arachnid machine emerging through the hole in the city walls.  At the, what would be a mouth, of the machine, fire erupts from and shoots across the air, striking the top of the chapel behind them.  Town guards lead the citizens out of the city, "The Daedra are attacking! Follow us, we'll lead you all out of the city!"  The machine is now half-way through the wall, spewing molten rocks at the buildings of Kvatch, as a black and red arrow pierces the chest of a nearby woman.  A demonic-looking man with horns and red markings on his face emerges from behind the wall, draws another arrow, and kills a man as he attempts to escape the chaos.

Endar and Imsin are able to sneak past the machine and make their way down the path away from the city.  To Endar's amazement, they see a gigantic arch made out of soil and rock, with fire spiraling in the midst of this arch.  Several dremora and daedric creatures emerge from the fire, making Endar realize this is a gate to Oblivion - the realm to which the Daedra hail from.  As they descend the hill the city rests on, Endar can faintly hear explosions, screaming, and bolts of lightning striking the ground, as clouds of dust form around the hill.  "We must make for the Imperial City.  My contact will meet me at the Arena. She'll know what to do."

 After a few switchbacks descending Kvatch Hill, the ground lurches to the side as a furious explosion booms within the city.  Endar is knocked to his knees then a strong hand grabs his forearm and helps him back up quickly.  His vision still hazy, due to the dust clouds and bright lightning, Endar is unable to see his helper, but he calls out through the chaotic sounds of battle, "Thank you, traveler!  Be careful, there is a gate to Oblivion atop this hill!"  He barely makes out the figure nodding then turning toward Kvatch, quickly dissapearing into the cloud of dust.  Endar glances at the now silent Imsin next to him, her gaze focused on Endar's helper, "I felt an energy pass through me as that person helped you... As if his or her destiny is great... Ah, but we can't think of that right now, we must make haste for the City," she says with wonder as they pass through the impromptu relief camp at the bottom of the Hill.

 Endar stands, eyes staring at the top of the hill, gripping his hilt, patiently waiting as Imsin trades for survival goods from the merchant within the relief camp.  When she's finished, she nods and packs almost everything she just purchased into a satchel and slings it over her shoulder.  As she quickly walks up to Endar, she tosses a folded dark robe at him, "You'll need to shroud your true identity within the City, and we will need to act as lovers," she says as she grabs his hand they start for the road.  Endar replies, "I know of a cave where we will be safe so we can rest, near Skingrad, we can make it before nightfall." Imsin nods as they begin their two day journey to the Imperial City.  As Endar feels his travelling partner's grab his, a strong sense of peacefulness and well-being overcomes him, he then smiles at Imsin.

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