The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Chapter V


The crackling sound of tiny motes of lightning fades away as Kathutet, eyes closed, collapses to his knees.  The process of being torn through the barrier between Tamriel and Oblivion - created by the Dragonfires - is always painful.  Taking a long breath of the hot, misty air of Oblivion, he leans forward and slams his fists into the ground as searing pain works its way up his body to his chest.  His mind races with thoughts of regret, but his resolve overpowers all other emotion as he reminds himself, I wouldn't be in this situation if I wasn't so ambitious, but I must do all this, I grow tired of being Kynval.  Dremora knights, such as Kathutet, rise within the ranks by completing special or impossible objectives, usually eliminating a target or other feats for the great Lord Dagon. Kynval is just short of being a Dremora Lord, or Markynaz.  Shoving the emotion into the back of his mind, Kathutet pushes his hands into Oblivion's hot dirt, lifting himself up. He teeters a bit after standing up, still dizzy from the conjuration spell, and throws his head back. By Dagon, it's so good to be home, even if for but a moment.  Once the ringing in his ears stops, he opens his eyes and is relieved to see that he is indeed in Oblivion, and not some burning lump of wasted Nirn that is most of Tamriel.  The flashes of the perpetual thunderstorm and blood red clouds that inhabit the sky of Oblivion are extremely comforting to him.

 The sounds of many daedric creatures finally start fading into reality as Kathutet regains all of his senses. He looks over at a large lava pool nearby and sees three Valkynaz, Dremora Mage-Lords, each controlling their own Atronach, an elemental being supercharged with its respective element.  The atronachs themselves are crowded around a mechanization that resembles a giant tarantula, with flame atronachs to dig ore from the ground of Oblivion and melt it into pieces of plate armor for the machine.  Frost atronachs to flash freeze the melted armor and to place it on the chassis of the machine.  Storm atronachs to weld the plates to the machines and further power it.  Kathutet realizes this is a siege crawler under construction. The dremora general must be planning to open a Great Gate in Tamriel to lay siege to one of the mortals' cities.  It's about time we do something about their sickening, ignorant arrogance.  The humans will regret that day so long ago that they -- His line of thought was interrupted by a loud yell of another Dremora approaching him.

"Kynval! Is that you Kathutet," asks the other dremora, not much taller than Kathutet. This is Dremora General Khash-Ti Dhrur, emissary and Dagon-speaker.  He is wearing a beautiful set of heavy daedric armor, glowing red with the very essence of darkness flowing within it.  The general removes his helm, revealing that his horns are the same shape as Kathutet's but much bigger.  Kathutet takes a few steps toward the general, he then feels a pressure against his chest, as if a strong hand is pushing him back.  A moment later, a Xivilai - bodyguard to the general - materializes in front of him.  The tall, dark gray skinned daedra stares into Kathutet's eyes with it's black, emotionless, soulless eyes as he awaits command from the general.  "Amkaos, please, let him come, he is permitted to be within arm's reach of me," says the general as he huffs a breath of amusement.  The Xivilai takes it's hand away from Kathutet's chest and disappears once more. "So, Kathutet, loyal Kynval, what news have you brought me of this dunmer named Endar?"

"I have him running errands like a lost clannfear at the moment, to distract him from finding out our true purpose, but I've found out his blood reeks of vampiric filth. Deep in his consciousness he fears being turned into a creature of the night. We must use this to our advantage. My conjurer, an imperial by the name of Skye, is also a vampire. I can have her seduce the dunmer and turn him into one of her own kind. However, I fail to see the purpose of turning him, why not just kill him and be rid of our problem?"

The general skowls and replies in an irritated tone, "The great Lord Dagon wishes to tear him through the Dragonfires and make him one of us, for what purpose I am yet unsure of, but he wants it done. Making the dunmer a vampire will put him that much closer to death, which would make it easier to bring him to our realm. Also, a word of warning, there has been observances of a dragonborn wandering Cyrodiil, serving Sithis, Nocturnal, and Akatosh... She must be trying to find the dunmer before we do."  Kathutet huffs a breath of annoyance, "Now I have to deal with a filthy nord woman?  This will be simple."  "Do not underestimate the Dovahkiin, we may be powerful, but they are born of Akatosh, just be wary of her presence."

"So be it, I will relay the message to Skye, and it will be done. I have but one question for you, general."  "What is it?"  "I noticed the siege crawler here... how do you plan on opening a Great Gate through the Dragonfires?"  The general walks closer to Kathutet, almost face to face, "i cannot reveal that information to you just yet, but believe me, you and everyone else in Oblivion and Tamriel will find out very soon," he says as he places his hand on Kathutet's shoulder, "patience."  As the general removes his hand, Kathutet hears a familiar crackle and his vision goes dark.


Kathutet opens his eyes, this time seeing a familiar room.  Skye, his conjurer, is standing in front of him looking into his eyes.  She's wearing a patched, light colored, low-cut dress with a slit up it's left side up to her hip.  She is young yet has an experienced air about her.  She puts her hands on her hips, "What do you think?  I made it myself," she asks slyly.  Kathutet shrugs, finding not one bit of attraction in humans.  "Oh, come  now, you're no fun," Skye giggles, sighs, then takes off the dress.  "I suppose I should change into my battle armor.  So what plan are we going with?"  Kathutet replies, "Seduction.  Find him and bring him here, let no one stop you."  Skye straps on leather bottoms, cloth hanging down on the front and back.  "So he has protection... Any idea who?"  Skye looks down, tightens her brazier, puts on her small top which covers only her breasts, and puts the strap over her shoulder, holding it up.  "The Dark Brotherhood."  Skye's eyes quickly snap back to looking at Kathutet as she hisses loudly, "This'll be fun," she says and giggles.  Skye grabs a satchel, fastens the strap around her midriff, letting it fall onto her hips and starts for the door, "See you soon, Kathutet!"

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