The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Chapter XXI


A cool breeze blows against Endar's face as he opens his eyes.  Before him, a beautiful meadow, a Nord woman, dressed in an elegant gold and tan dress, wraps her arms around him and he returns the embrace.  Imsin the Huntress personifies love and eternity in Endar's mind, and he feels a pressure against his body.  Steadily holding her hands, he backs up a step, looks down, and sees her stomach protruding, she's pregnant.

Suddenly the meadow is full of wolves, all staring at them, Endar shocked yet still elated about his recent discovery.  The wolves begin growling as Endar holds onto Imsin, "What's going on, love?"  As he mutters these words, her smile disappears from her face, and she says nothing.  The wolves move closer, a man appearing behind Imsin, "I am Hircine.  The lover is mine, warrior.  She belongs to the Hunting Grounds now."

The beautiful meadow morphs into a dark forest with tall trees as Hircine begins to pull Imsin from Endar's grasp into the misty forest.  She shakes her head in despair as Endar steps forward to protest, all but one of the wolves morphing into elk, who then sprint deep into the forest.  The remaining wolf runs to Endar, stopping just short of the dark elf and growls, barks, and snarls at him.

The wolf rears up and, with its front paws, kicks Endar in the chest, knocking him down, forcing him to watch Imsin disappear into the forest.  The sky quickly turns a darker red color, the moon grows and becomes the source of the blood-red coloring in the clouds overhead.  The wolf looks at the bloodmoon and howls a deep, booming howl as Hircine finally, fully disappears into the forest, Imsin in tow, "Worry not, dunmer, the child shall be spared."  The wolf turns to follow, but glances back toward Endar, "See you in the Isles, boy."


Endar wakes with a start, raindrops splashing on his face.  He sits up, glances around to see fallen Oblivion gates scattered, numerous dremora corpses, and a solid stone statue of Akatosh in the ruins of the Imperial City Temple.  Imsin is nowhere to be seen, not even a body... A citizen offers a hand and helps him to his feet just in time to see the Chancellor, Ocato, lead the shadowy figure out of the temple ruins, "All hail the Champion of Cyrodiil!"

  However, Endar cannot celebrate, despite this momentous occasion, one phrase echoes throughout his mind, The child shall be spared...  What child?  Life created out of one reckless night... Confusion, worry, happiness... It's all too much for one lowly dark elf to take in all at once.

Pushing through the crowds, Ocato and the champion make their way through the district and through the gates into Green Emperor Way, the center of the City, home to White-Gold Tower.  The tower is one of the largest and oldest buildings in all of Tamriel, built by the Heartland High Elves, or Ayleids - an ancient race of mer that also built massive underground bunkers, some of which are still able to be explored to this day.

At the far side of the district, an Imperial man stands, shaking.  Arlowe, the mage from Riften stares down Endar from afar, his face full of hatred and sorrow.  A scowl covers his face as he plots to kill the one who took his love, Skye, from him.  He pulls his blue hood of his robe over his head and drops his hands to his side, clenching both of his fists as he stands, watching Endar. 

Deep in thought, Endar stares at the tower, The child shall be spared...  He cannot, no matter what he does, shake the thought.  What of Imsin?  Maybe he will find the answer in the Isles and leave Tamriel behind once again.  The confusion worsens as he walks out of the Imperial City, crowds of citizens and guards alike still cheering for the Champion of Cyrodiil.

The child shall be spared... 

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