The Telvanni Story: Daedric Huntress

Chapter XIV


"He's mine," the Lord of Destruction cries out.  Clavicus Vile rolls his eyes, "What in Oblivion makes you think you can claim this one?!"  Vile's dog, Barbas, frantically barks at Mora's tentacles wriggling about, "Shut up you damned mutt," Vile yells and kicks Barbas.  Meridia waves her hand, "I do believe he'd be best for the Colored Rooms.  He's pure enough, anyway."  The Lord of Light turns to Nocturnal, now sitting next to her, and continues, "What do you think?"  Nocturnal crosses her arms, "Doesn't matter to me, his soul wouldn't last a second in the Evergloam," she cocks an eyebrow when she notices Sanguine's hand brush up against her leg, "Remove the hand, drunken bastard, or I'll slice it off and feed it to you."  Sanguine withdrawals the advance, but smirks - while sipping his mug of mead - and says, "Oh, I like 'em feisty, my shadowy temptress." Nocturnal sighs.

 Mephala speaks up, "It's really not all that simple, claiming a mortal's soul."  Boethiah is quick to respond, "Yes, it is.  I should just throw his soul into Attribution's Share, I'd gladly compensate you all."  The Lord of Deceit smiles as Molag Bal argues, "HAH! We know better than to make an agreement with you, liar!  Everyone knows what you did to the freak down there," he points, laughing, at Malacath on the arena floor.  The Lord of the Ostracized shrugs and continues his blank stare at the ground.

Sanguine slowly inches toward Nocturnal, "Come on, beautiful, just take a sip, it'll relax you and maybe get rid of that nasty attitude."  She  laughs loudly, "Right... You must have spiked that junk with skooma if you think all that's going to happen."  Sanguine smirks yet again, "Keep playing hard-to-get, I like when you fight it! HA!"  The drunk takes another sip and, for the first time during the dreamstride, notices the mortal Dunmer standing in the center, "Whoa, what's going on?  Ah, all you sober folk are wanting his soul,"  he says with a slight slur and eyes Endar for a moment, "No, not good enough for even one of my realms,"  he returns his gaze to Nocturnal, scooting closer to her, and continues to drink.

 Azura raises her hand that holds the star-shaped object, "I think I should get it, his soul would fit perfectly in my Star." Dagon slams his bottom fists into the risers, "NO! He's mine, as soon as I turn him Dremora, he'll be mine forever!"  Namira, while spinning a web, descends from the ceiling, "I think he's quite ugly, I should get him, he's just bad enough to survive in my realm."  Dagon slams his fists again, this time, his skin sets on fire, filling his side of the arena with smoke, "NO! I'M THE LORD OF REVOLUTION, CURSE YOU, AND I'LL DESTROY YOU ALL FOR IT!"

 Vaermina, still standing next to Endar, hand on his shoulder, snaps a rebuttal at Dagon, "I do not care who you are, YOU'RE IN MY REALM NOW, DAGON!"  She takes a moment to regather her wits, "...and you will relax or I'll banish you."  Dagon - his eyes glowing a brilliant red - stands tall, so tall his head is almost shrouded by the fog that has accumulated above the arena, "DO NOT THREATEN ME, VAERMINA," he shouts, causing the entire arena to shake violently.  Boethiah pulls a golden sword from his hip, red-hot flames rolling from the blade, Molag Bal grabs a pitch-black mace, and Barbas viciously barks at the Lord of Destruction.  Vaermina stands next to Endar, unfazed by Dagon's challenge.

Meridia sighs, stands, and raises a hand above her head, and says in a relaxed voice, "Calm yourselves, all of you.  I know some of us do not like the others... Nevertheless, we are here for a common goal."  Mora looks up from his books, cocks an eyebrow at Dagon, and finally speaks in a low, drawn out voice, "You will not convert the elf into dremora, this much is certain, give up your debate, master of the Deadlands."

Vaermina shifts her feet and says, "Enough! Let it be finished..."  she then turns to Endar, speaking quieter, and continues, "You are not destructive enough for Dagon, not pure enough for Meridia," she then waves her hand at the two Lords in question. Dagon disappears in a blinding explosion of fire, Meridia with a flash of brilliant light. 

Before Vaermina can continue, Hircine interrupts, "It matters not what happens to this one, I already have a claim on his lover," he says and vanishes.  Nocturnal melts into the nearby shadows, Sanguine snaps out of his lustful stare, he sips his mead, shrugs, and also disappears.  Clavicus Vile also vanishes, this time without word, or his dog.  A voice comes from the empty air, "Oh.. come on, ya mutt."  Barbas quickly follows Vile.

 Several minutes pass as the other Lords retreat back into their own realms, Peryite sweeping his broom where they once sat, and only two of the others remained: Sheogorath and Azura.  The Mad-God and Soul Princess float down off of the risers and stand in front of Endar.  Azura's full avatar is finally revealed - She is tall, topless, and has a white cloth around her waist draping down over her legs.

Azura turns to Sheogorath, "What are you still doing here, Madman?"  The Lord of Madness turns and replies, "I claim this one for the Isles, he was raised by it's inhabitants, seems only fitting that he return."  Azura backs up a step, bows her head, and begins to disappear while she says, "Fair enough."

Peryite finally nods his head at the three still standing and vanishes as well.  Sheogorath's face lights up with a bright smile, "This is cause for a celebration, cheese for everyone! ...Or cheese for no one... Depends if you like cheese..."  Vaermina sighs and speaks quietly to them, "So it is decided, Shivering Isles will be your final destination."  Sheogorath joyously taps his cane to the floor, "Excellent!  See you soon, boy! Ta!" He then vanishes.

Vaermina walks in front of Endar, her hands on his shoulders, "Endar Telvanni, what you have seen within this stride are things mortals cannot even imagine, a few of these lords you have dealt with, others you may yet deal with.  Unfortunately for you, you will not remember this meeting of the immortals, but remember this: Not all that is Daedra is evil." 

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